Innovations Snapshots

Thinking outside the box, and with a critical focus on changing behaviour, cChange uses social marketing and in-house creative team to elevate dialogue -- and action -- on critical issues. Sometimes it's a big idea; sometimes it's just being smart with the tools you already have.

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What I hope

Find out how we turned science communications on its head with a simple, easy-to-execute video format. (Hint: Stories matter)


Less talk, more discussion

Her's an 11-minute animation with all key messages for fisheries management; so workshop-weary communities can spend more discussing solutions.


Full of potential

UNICEF needed to elevate the Convention on the Rights of a Child to audiences across the Pacific Islands, in 120 seconds. Here's how we did it.

Storytelling Fisheries Decline

Fisheries declines take place over years, but people are living day to day and resist change. We used video to capture stories of loss to breakthrough.


pastor power

In the Pacific Islands, there is no one better at getting the message out than the church. But few are really helping them spread the word.