Less Talk, More Discussion

English language version.

Here's an 11-minute animation with all key messages for fisheries management, so workshop-weary communities can spend more discussing solutions. The video can also be broken into segments can be broken out to illustrate different key messages around marine resource management.

The goal was to allow people to get enough of an understanding to have fruitful discussions, moving later to more detailed aspects of management solutions.

As it is now, too often, the solutions (and the presentations about the solutions) are often too big and complicated to spur the kind of initial broad community discussion needed to support management solutions. This video attempts to seed those discussions first, and create an environment where people want the solutions.

iTaukei language version.

The video can be played at workshops and has the resolution to run in HD on television. But to increase dissemination, versions for mobile phone platforms were also created, as rural areas can share files by bluetooth easier than trying to download them on unreliable and often costly internet.