cChange is a non-profit organisation working to improve lives through strategic communications and behavioural change initiatives

We believe that solutions to society’s challenges, big and small, lie in changing the behaviour of individuals. When people understand the personal relevance of society’s issues, when they are motivated by their own values and desire the solutions, when barriers to action are meaningfully addressed, only then will they change their behaviour in ways that will lead to the transformational outcomes needed.

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Find out how we turned science communications on its head with a simple, easy-to-execute video format.

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Full of POtential

No one listening? We helped UNICEF translate The Convention of the Right of a Child into a 120-second, jargon free animation.

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More Discussion, Less Talk

An 11-minute animation with all key messages for fisheries management; so workshop-weary communities can spend more discussing solutions.

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In the Pacific Islands, there is no one better at getting the message out than the church.

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Change Campaigns

Change is about more than raising awareness, it’s about empowering people to take action.

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Strategic Planning

 Align your communications with the larger project objectives, and see impact skyrocket.

Capacity Building

The message is only as strong as the messenger. Learn how to maximise impact across the board.



Media Relations

Become the news. Engage and capture your audience by learning what clicks with media


Content Creation

Tell a story. Paint a picture. Bring your message to life with the right mix of media and materials.

life line

Your projects is 12 months in, and no one cares. Let's do triage and turn it around in the next 12 months.


In the Pacific Islands, the use of video is one of the most effective ways to communicate message. Humour helps, too. This video animation, which does both, is currently running on Bank South Pacific TV Terminals in its Fiji branches.