Strategic Communications Planning

Strategic Plan-01.png

Let’s talk big picture. Align your communications approach with the larger project goals, and see engagement and ownership skyrocket.

  • Communications landscape analysis
  • Stakeholder and audience mapping
  • Overall purpose and SMART objectives
  • Activities Work plan
  • Monitoring and evaluation

 All effective communication initiatives should ideally be anchored in a larger strategic plan. This training works with partner staff to develop a communications work plan that complements the organizational overall mission.  It will outline key communication goals and outcomes, identify target audiences to engage, articulate clear messaging, develop tactics that make sense for your audience, and draft indicators to measure progress. The participants may choose to engage with their organization to complete the plan, or work closely with cChange to receive guidance and feedback from start to finish.

In this training, strategic communications plans can be developed for:

  • Policy Campaigns
  • Media campaigns
  • Constituency Building
  • Change campaigns
  • Fundraising