Mesake, your guide to fisheries management

For our marine conservation focused partners, the drivers for fisheries decline and the needed solutions are complicated. to communicate in village settings. The mode for presentations in the Pacific Islands is another challenge, as explaining these complicated issues often takes place in a hot village meeting room, and attention levels can wane easily. So bringing the issues to life is a tall order. At the same time, the issues are critically important for coastal communities, which depend on the sea for both food and income.

This animation was created for Fijian audiences. The Fijian (iTaukei) version is below.

cChange in response developed a simple, 11-minute animation that contains all the key messages for a fisheries management workshop, so the time in the village hall can be spent more on community discussions. The animation, for Fiji communities, comes with a simple two-page guide as well to facilitate that discussion, with the understanding that communities already know the resources are declining, and the most important thing is just to start talking about it, and for communities to start taking simple steps to reviving their reefs.

Click here for the iTaukei language version of the video.

cChange performed market testing for the animation, after it was completed, and feedback was strong from community members. The issues were simple, and helped frame the core issue of it taking longer to fish to get less, well. The community folks all shared that they wanted to show it back home, particularly to fishermen. They also wanted to show it in the schools, given the format.

The community members however did request additional materials. But not about the issues themselves. They wanted to see more photos and stories from other communities. In a parallel initiatve, cChange is creating short videos on communities working to better manage their resources, so that kind of sharing can take place easily and cheaply. It is also, in Fiji, conducting regular talk back radio shows to allow communities to share those stories live, and allow for community members to call in with questions.