How We Can Help

cChange has historically focused on sustainable natural resource management, including work on fisheries management, biodiversity conservation, climate change, and sustainable land and forest management. Increasingly, we have been applying our change communications approach to a host of social and health issues, as these sectors face similar challenges in shifting mindsets. Out bottom line is if our support will measurably improve the lives of people. we will help.

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Change campaigns

It’s more than just what people think or feel, it’s about what people do. Harness the power of action.Campaign management: Overall goal and SMART objectives, activity work plan:

  • Market research: stakeholder and audience analysis, quantitative and qualitative research
  • Marketing mix: messaging, tools and tactics
  • Materials design and production
  • Event planning and implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Capacity building: trainings, mentoring
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Strategic communications planning

Let’s talk big picture. Align your communications approach with the larger project goals, and see engagement and ownership skyrocket.

  • Communications landscape analysis
  • Stakeholder and audience mapping
  • Overall purpose and SMART objectives
  • Activities Work plan
  • Monitoring and evaluation
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Communications Trainings

The message is only as strong as the messenger. Know how to choose the right words to maximize impact.

  • Public Speaking
  • Messaging
  • Facilitation
  • Storytelling
  • Effective presentations: Power Point design and use, interactive audience methods
  • Media Engagement
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Content Creation

Tell the story. Paint the picture. Bring your message to life with the right mix of materials and media.

  • Storytelling
  • Outreach materials: sky is the limit on creativity and innovation
  • Video: from video development to pre-production and distribution.
  • Radio Public Service Announcements (PSA)


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    Media Relations

    Become the news. Engage and capture your audience by learning what clicks with media.

    • Identifying the News Hook
    • Effective Media Pitching
    • Compelling Press Releases and Media Advisories
    • Successful Media Interviews

    COMMS Triage

    Communications capacity building and planning is always the best approach. However when you’re in a position where this isn’t the scenario and need communications expertise ASAP, that’s when you hit this button. cChange can work with your staff or partners to identify the appropriate solutions to your communications gap, and creatively address it – whether it’s a one off outreach tool or a more extensive audience engagement initiative.

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